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Tomotaka Takahashi, inventor, Japan

Tomotaka Takahashi patented his first robot model while he was still a student.
For the young inventor, the robot's appearance has to be esthetically pleasing for a relationship between man and machine to develop. Takahashi wants to contribute to a future where it will be normal to have a pet robot at home.

"Robot Creator":

Initial D「AMV」- Takahashi

Happy holidays! Thanks for the support on my last two AMV's - it really inspired me to make another after I was done the semester.
I decided that the focus here should be the Takahashi brothers and Ryosuke's mentor-like relationship with his younger brother. We get to see Keisuke's conflicts in love, his past, and his drive to further his racing prowess.
Please enjoy; feedback is always appreciated.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/amykyst
Twitch.tv : http://www.twitch.tv/amykyst

Music Credits:
Sugano Music - Densha de D - Sand's Of Time (2011 Ver.)

Video animation is from "Initial D" anime. I do not claim ownership of the aforementioned. The animation footage and Initial D belong to their respective owners.

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高橋藍 Takahashi Ran 日本vs中国 東京チャレンジ2021 Japan vs China Volleyball

Takahashi Ran




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